The QUEEN'S Holiday Picks!
December 14, 2021

The QUEEN'S Holiday Picks!

Everyone always wants a queen’s opinion on what to wear and how to wear it! This holiday is no exception, so as your personal stylist I have assembled some of my favorite pieces and gifts for the holiday season. Let's unwrap them shall we? My first favorite is the Multi Stripe Sequin Dress($110)! This dress pulls out all the stops! Perfect for that formal winter gala or the dress that says "Let's welcome in the New Year!" You can't go wrong with sequins. Like ever. It's a party outfit everyone will be admiring. Don't be shy, it's time to express your inner party girl and live your best life!


My second pick for the winter season is the Houndstooth Sweater and Skirt Set (Extended Sizes $102). Nothing says big energy and I own everything like a bold print! Remember you want to be the center of attention and the one who gets the compliments! “Why yes, Shelia I do look good!” This outfit can be worn so many ways! Just wear the top with a great pair of faux leather pants or a great black pencil skirt. The skirt can go with a t-shirt and blazer or even a solid color sweater. Add a bold color choice to show people who you are! Bold and in charge!


Ok, so we know I love a good sequin! So of course, I am choosing another amazing sequin dress with a great mosaic pattern, the Adeline Mardi Gras Dress ($130)! Hunty, remember if you aren't making a statement, you are not doing it right! Why not be the gal in the office who everyone wants to be?? Have fun and be bold!! This would be great for a night out on the town or the office holiday party! You don't have to wear red and green to be festive!


My next pick is this amazing Burgundy Bubble Dress w/Cut-Outs ($70). This is super chic and can be worn for any occasion. The cut-out on the sides says, “Yes, I do take risks...and!?” I'm all about showing legs! If you’re not, pair it with tights. You can be modest, but not too modest. Give the gift of sass and beauty to the world this holiday.


Ok, brace yourself! This is the baddest clutch ever! Or at least top 5! The Acrylic Lips Clutch ($48) is a statement piece and nothing says sass like, “KISS THIS.” We all want big pink lips! These don't cost you an arm and a leg! These lips say I'm fun and you should either join me or get out of my way! This clutch can take you way past the holiday season! It's one of those timeless pieces you can pull out for any fun occasion! Let people be jealous of your big pink lips as you walk by. Love love love this and you should too!

Wow! I am only on my number 6 pick and I hope you are gaging for all this fashion! I know I am! Looking at my next pick I know you will want this! This lovely Mesh Velvet Front Knot Romper Extended Sizes ($102) can be yours if you want it! Let's face it, rompers are a classic style and here to stay! This is such a fun outfit to wear to an event! It has ruffles, an open back and a floral print. Girl, show people you are the life of the party in this outfit! I know I would.


Every once in a while I can be caught in a comfy outfit! Comfort is important in some instances like say day drinking, shopping or Saturday mornings. You can be comfy too in this Led Zeppelin EST 1968 Burnout Sweatshirt($68). Girl, it's ok to be comfy and cute, but don't make a habit of it. In this case, I love this burnout sweatshirt because it shows your personality, while still being relaxed.


My next pick for you all is businesswoman chic! Everyone loves to own 51% of everything! Now you can look the part and be extremely stylish! Try this Avery Aluminum Blazer ($130) to blaze the trail for your social events this season! Girl! Let's talk about this! If you are a boss bitch then you need this! Walk in and own it all! Remember you can all have a Kennedy Ann attitude if you want it bad enough!


This holiday you want make sure you have room for everything you need for all your events. What better way to store your essentials than with this purse?! I love the metallic green. The Quilted Studded Handbag in Emerald ($48) is a classic with an edge. Having this drape off your shoulder will surely turn heads! A night out on the town can be an adventure so make sure you have what you need. Carrying this will not only guarantee confidence and compliments but you will be prepared for any situation! Trust me you need this!


Let's be real we all have those Secret Santa gifts for that person we don't know real well. Everyone loves a candle, especially if it has something fun to say! A candle says unwind from the day, have a glass of wine and relieve your stress. You can gift a candle for any occasion! Come grab one of our many candles and make someone's holiday! This Prosec Ho Ho Ho Candle $30 will do just the trick!


These are 10 of my holiday picks! I hope I have helped make your holiday shopping easier. Come see me in the store for fashion advice or just to chat about boys- my favorite topic! The holidays are about giving and getting! Come spoil yourself and get gifts for you best gal pals and family! Remember you always want to look your best and be the life of the party! Fashion is meant to be seen. Girl, be the star on top of that holiday tree!

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