Kiki w/ Ben & Rachel
April 30, 2021

Kiki w/ Ben & Rachel

Where did you two meet?

Ben: Here is how I remember meeting Rachel... it was a party at our mutual friend’s home. Derrick, Russell and David’s on Hume St. they were having a party. I want to say it was like a housewarming for them all moving in together...? Could be wrong, but eh! Lol! I arrived and then I remember seeing a “girl squad” enter. They were fashion galore! She came with Annelise, Hillary, Kate, and one other... I don’t think we will name her!  Anywho, I was introduced to her by my friend, Derrick. She was fun, rowdy and the life of the party. We chatted for a bit, but I could totally get an amazing vibe off of her! Someone I could just Kiki with! That’s how I remember meeting her! I was also tipsy that night... ok drunk! Because of that freaking mind eraser punch. 


Rachel: Ok I remember a different party hahaha! So I definitely remember it was at a party and I would have SWORN it was 9 or 10 years ago because I moved here in August of 2010 and feel like I met you that holiday season. I remember it was a New Year’s Eve Party though? What I remember from that night is meeting you and we IMMEDIATELY decided you were my Gusband and there’s a picture of you picking me up and holding me, which doesn’t shock me that I jump into strangers arms at parties. I’m sure the party was fun, but all I remember is meeting you not leaving your side because you were so fun, sweet and sassy.


How long have you been friends?

Ben: I’m going to say 9-10 years because I have lived in Nashville for 10 and I remember meeting you close to when I moved here, I’d say almost 10 years because there was a small window where I knew nobody here! Scary I know, but I’m an extrovert too! Didn’t take long! 


Rachel: I would have said 9 or 10 too, but I had to know so I wentcand found that photo of the night we met when I jumped into your arms and we actually met on 12/31/14 so that was 7 years ago. I swear it feels longer.

Ben: Ok, no. I just went through MY pictures and we met before the New Year's Party. I became your Gusband on 12/31/14 but we definitely met in 2012. So it was 8 or 9 years ago, we're both wrong.

Rachel: Fine, I'm fired.


Things you have in common?

Ben: Ooo, I think we have lots in common.... ummm...hmm...let’s see? Just kidding. We both have a zest for life that is not common in a lot of people. We can laugh for hours about random stuff. We both love fashion. We can literally go out and have a wild night on the town or we can stay in and chill! Literally every time we are together we go through a bottle of something! Lol! Complete accident! We are loud and don’t really apologize for it! We enjoy being creative and we feed off of each other! I’m sure there are 100s more, but that’s a good start! 


Rachel: The list is long! We both LOVE people and helping people. We love to talk and having fun is very high on our list of must-haves. I think we are both very sensitive people who are feelers so we identity with a lot ofpeople and care deeply about those around us being happy, even if they’re strangers. We are both very sassy and playful. We do love fashion and dressing the part and laughter is something we always share. It’s true we definitely feed off of each other and being creative is something we thrive on. And we clearly can't remember the actual night we met, we have that in common...


One way you are great for the other?

Ben: I think we are great for each other because we pick each other up! We are just supportive and can talk through so many of life’s unexpected issues. We know when one another is not themselves and help to fix the problem. We slap each other when we are being crazy! Lol!


Rachel: Support comes to mind first. I know I can call Ben at any hour and he’ll pick up, he’ll listen and he will advise me based on what is best in the situation, not what I want to hear. He will not side with me to side with me, he will tell me if I handled something wrong or if I should re-evaluate the situation. He has always been my cheerleader and I, his. I can read him pretty well and he can read me so there’s a lot of transparency in our relationship.


Favorite memory together?

Ben: Oooo!!!! Hmm, my favorite memory... that’s tough because Ilove all that we do together... I will say my favorite memory... is Rachel and Ryan’s wedding day! Not just because it was a great day and beautiful, but, for me the 10 min we got to share before the wedding... where Rachel was alone, I got to sneak in and see her! It was such a special moment that was just us two. The “Gusband“ of the bride saying how beautiful she looked and just giggling like we do for a couple of min. That’s a memory I love!!! 


Rachel: Ok so that made me tear up a bit! I remember that moment so clearly and it was also one of my favorite from my wedding. I had just finished my vows and we were waiting to be announced before dinner and I was waiting in a room alone, Ryan went to grab us champagne and Ben snuck in and we had 10 minutes together of just calm, laughter and being us. It was truly beautiful. I think the little things we do- like shopping for décor for the store, plant shopping and even there was this one time with his mom and aunt at a party I recall clearly. Laughing, laughing, laughing. There was also this time we all were swimming in a blow up pool that ended up being a mistake and canoeing with a large crowd that got rowdy. So I guess my answer is every single time we hang out?


Who wears the pants in the relationship? 

Ben: Kennedy Ann! Jk jk! Rachel... all that masc energy! Lol!!!! I think we both have our moments, but def will let each take the reigns if she’s feeling it. I’m pretty go with the flow, unless Kennedy Ann is around... then look out! 


Rachel: DEFINITELY KENNEDY ANN. She is always the driver and we’rejust the passengers! But I do have masc energy lolol!


Tell us about Shop with a Queen

Ben: I am super excited about it, not only do I get to Kiki with one of my best Judy’s but I get to work with someone I admire and look up to! She is older than me by a little... wink! Shop with a Queen is an experience like no other! Imagine everything girly and sassy in the world! You get to gather with some of your best friends for a couple of hours and have fun! You will get to experience shopping like Rachel and I experience shopping together. Fun, sass, over the top, and laughter! You can play games like“Bridalepardy” where we see which friend knows our bride the best! You can play birthday trivia games about the birthday girl or guy! You’ll get entertainment with Kennedy Ann performances! Watch her shake her booty around the store! You get to play dress up with your friends! Try on clothes to amazing music and have the full Montage fantasy! You can shop with the people you love the most! It’s an adventure worth taking!! Plus Rachel and I’s humor, Fantastic! 


Rachel: Shop with a Queen is one of my favorite elements created for the store! It was crucial for me to create a shopping environment that was inclusive, not only in sizing, but for those coming through the door. I wanted the experience to be fun, creative and unlike anything else. Thus, Shop with a Queen was born. We do private parties after hours in which you can shop with our Resident Queen, Miss Kennedy Ann Scott. She will perform, create trivia games based on the occasion you’re celebrating (birthday, bachelorette, workparty, etc) and then literally shop the store with you. Kennedy Ann and I havea very sassy banter and have a blast together so one day I was like what if we just create this experience for everyone that wants it. If you haven’t shopped with Kennedy Ann, you haven’t really shopped.


Favorite thing about the other?

Ben: I love that Rachel is carefree and lives her life the way she wants too! She is generous and kind! She wants to see everyone succeed and help where she can! She always brings a smile to my face! The fact that we can just be ridiculous and we don’t care who is watching! Take a picture or a video of this moment! You won’t want to forget us! 


Rachel: I think you’re the first person to ever call me “Carefree.”Hahaha. Maybe after I get the 700 things on my checklists done lol. Ben on the other hand, is so sweet you’ll get a toothache. Literally, you will get a toothache the second he speaks. He is laid back, kind, giving and always down for an adventure no matter how you define the word. It’s his big heart that I love most.


What’s next for you two?

Ben: Becoming influencers and fashion moguls! Basically famous, but not bitchy... unless we need to be! Always room for Sass, class and a lil’ ass!  


Rachel: Hahaha! Booking your private party at the store then reality tv? Hopefully a nap first, I think this last year has really taken it out of all of us.

If you were the bachelorette where would you go? Wear? Do? Travel plans?

Ben: I would love to go to Napa Wine country if I was a bachelorette! Being in wine country with my gal pals enjoying wine and conversation! Living it up, one winery at a time! I would wear as many maxi dresses as I could with hats galore! We’d all find a good club and shake our booties!! Also definitely while with a Queen!! Shameless plug. I love to travel so anywhere there is booze, boys, and bougie places! The boys part would only be if I was just an attendee at the bachelorette party!!! Just putting it out there because I’m a real lady!


Rachel: When I was a bachelorette in 2019 I did Miami and clearly danced in the streets with Drag Queens and wore my husband’s face as pasties (best etsy purchase EVER) so I think I’d have to repeat this trip. I can absolutely see Kennedy Ann in Napa in a Maxi dress swishing her wine in herglass. Must. Make. This. Happen.

Favorite quarantine binge shows?

Ben: So many! Love reality, TV so Real Housewives!!!! Also the Flight Attendant!! She gave me stress poots the whole show! 

Rachel: I think I watched everything on Netflix & Hulu. I mean everything from TigerKing to Orange is the New Black to Blacklist to Documentaries to regrettable dating shows.


If Kennedy Ann could have coffee with one person, whoand why? Brunch with one person who and why? Dinner with one person and why?Nightcap with one person and why?

Ben: Coffee Date: Definitely Rach! Cause I love mornings and coffee! Plus we could talk about so many things! It would last all day but we wouldn’t mind!! 

Brunch: my teaching friend Mrs. Kaye! I would twirl for her and lip sync the house down! She passed away this year. One of her dreams was that she would come see a show of mine. She didn’t get to make it to my show because she was sick. So I would want her to come to a brunch show! We would have a blast! Her conversations were always the best too! Love her!

Dinner: with Dolly Parton!! So many questions and life lessons to learn from this woman! Would want to pick her brain about being a brand and how to make it on my own and live for me! I think she would give great insight and help lift me up! Always wanted to meet her!! 

Nightcap: Channing Tatum- hoping it leads to more! He has been acrush forever!!! 


Rachel: Coffee Date: I will definitely take the coffee date with Ben! It will however turn into brunch and then dinner, it has happened before. I do leave every conversation feeling empowered, excited and like I can take on the world so that would be a great way to start the day.

Brunch: Hands down Kristin Wiig. I find her hilarious and real. Just naturally funny in how she views the world and I think we need more of that. I find women refreshing that don’t overthink themselves or take themselves too seriously.

Dinner: Chrissy Teigen would definitely be a great dinner date. Iappreciate her unapologetic energy and her ability to make fun of herself. Anyone that can laugh at themselves can appreciate the little moments in life. I’d be interested in hearing her juggle her career as an entrepreneur and family and maintaining that sense of humor in the face of adversity.

Nightcap: Ok so I love to laugh so I feel like I would have to end my night with a comedian as well. I’d probably pick Iliza Shlesinger becauseshe seems authentic and genuine and all for empowering women. She is also in my head with her comedy, everything she says I feel like all women  have experienced and she just nails the delivery. Laughing my ass of before bed is probably the best way to end the day.

Kennedy Ann was a cocktail who would she be?

Ben: A shot of Tequila! Why!? Because it’s a guaranteed good time, it’s a complete moment with salt, a lick, and drink. Boom! You don’t care where the night leads... and in the morning we will address the situations! #notworried Technically, that’s not a cocktail so a Skinny Margarita for me!


Rachel: Definitely a Vesper. It can hit a little hard, but goes down smooth.

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